Flood response service

Flood pumping and salvage services in East Anglia

Flood pumping

Flood response and pumping services

Warrior Fire and Rescue service have extensive experience in coming to the aid of both commercial and domestic property owners in and around East Anglia when flooding has taken hold in their premises. In the past we have responded during all hours of the day and night to provide flood pumping services.

We can supply a wide range of various water pumps including smaller portable pumps to the main fire appliance pump - We have the right tools for the job!

When requested we will respond with one or more of our fire engines complete with pump(s) and crew of fire-fighters; We can usually respond at very short notice, day or night!

Make a note of our contact details and in the event that you need our assistance please do not hesitate to call us!

Other water related services

Water rescue services

We are fully equipped with the required equipment to aid and assist with other water safety related situations if required.

If you feel we can be of assistance to you, please get into contact with us!